Video Marketing Suite

Create Video Marketing Campaigns - in Minutes

Create software puts you in control of your video marketing across all channels - and throughout your marketing lifecycle. It helps you create professional video, turn it into online mailers, brochures, and micro-sites, let you target these to customers, and track their success. All via a single, integrated solution.

Your easy-to-build campaigns are more engaging, less expensive and easily amended by you without the need for IT or designer involvement. We give you the platform to effectively use video to substantially improve your marketing ROI.


The Create Suite Products

Create Video Mail: Driving more sales to you

All businesses are looking for a cost effective method to engage potential customers. Video Mail has proved to be an ideal solution; one of our clients won a multi million pound order from his first video mailshot. We cannot guarantee the same result for every client but we can show that clients who send video emails consistently receive three times more traffic than text only e-mail campaigns, and get substantially more sales conversions.

Create Video Mail allows you to simply publish your videos to the Internet within their own professional micro-site or full online brochure, and provides the tools to get these videos to customers and track their responses. It gives you the ability to send video by email to your customers.

See how video mail will work for you.


Create Videoettes: Turning photos into engaging video

A videoette is a powerful yet cost effective way to produce videos with professional voice-overs, and are ideal for a video based, time-critical marketing campaign. Starting at just £245 to produce, we also offer a scripting and photo finding service.

Videoettes are produced and ready to use within just two working days.


Create Video Promo: Influence and persuade your viewer

A video Promo uses a live presenter to deliver your marketing proposition in a personally engaging way. Using a presenter will significantly increase responses and sales. Our technology makes it very affordable for you to use this type of production starting at only £495. The finished video is delivered online ready for use within seven working days.