Video-what-what? The examples below give you some examples of the solutions the Create system delivers out of the box, showing both the differences that professional video makes, and having that professional video placed on micro-sites specifically designed for the content.

Video Brochures

Large quantities of videos

Cruise & Maritime

Nova Tours

Video Mail

Animation & Live Video

Cloud 9

Kingdom Security

Video Mail

Video Presenter

Topland Communications

Auction House

Video Mail

Video made from photos

National Holidays

Malton Food Festival

More Examples

Want to see how we've helped dozens of other companies? The examples below show how we've delivered video-mails, videoettes, and video-promos as appropriate.

Video Mail

Drive more sales through micro-sites and video-in-email


Net 60 Six

National Holidays

Newmarket Holidays


Turning photos into engaging video

Cottons Hotel

Keele International Football


Cruise & Maritime Voyages

Video Promo

Influence and persuade your viewer with a live video presenter



Topland Communications