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Create products put video at the forefront of your marketing campaigns. The power of engagement video delivers to marketing is often missed entirely, or diluted by its use too late in the sales process. We believe its true place is as the leader of sales propositions; engaging potential customers from the start.

Our products address this, allowing professional quality video to be created easily, used dynamically, and managed effectively to improve customer response compared to traditional text-and-graphics marketing.

Three key elements allow us to deliver this for you:


1. The Cost of Video

Commercial quality video production prices are beyond the budget of most companies, even with the reduction in prices in recent years. Customers expect video due to the surge in user generated content on the Internet, but also expect companies to deliver this to higher standards than most homegrown content.

Our video-builder products - Create Videoettes and Create Video Promo - allow professional quality video to be made quickly and easily, at 10% to 20% of the price of live film video. This is achieved through the blending of our investment in an online video platform to support this, and our background as a leading video production company.

The result is that video can be used more widely and promptly to engage your clients with your latest messages.

2. The Sales Impact

Too often videos become remote from the main sales journey; either buried in websites, or orphaned on sites such as YouTube with no call to action.

Our system addresses this by automating the creation of powerful online microsites, brochures, and sending video email campaigns that place your video content front and centre. These direct the user to further information, related content, and to purchasing.

These each deliver greater sales conversions than otherwise possible, without any cost of separate IT development. Our system has the flexibility to take video from any source and deliver it in video mails across the range of desktop, tablet and mobile devices, whether it's one video or an entire channel of content that needs communicating.

3. The Supporting Tools

Using video as a one-off tactic misses the cumulative benefits of understanding your customers, responding to them, and leveraging the investment made in video.

Our system provides a range of supporting features that allow you to store and stream your video globally from any website - integrating into Twitter and Facebook as well as print-media, view customer usage analytics and respond directly to customer feedback, and full video campaign management. Our visual editing tools make it easy to amend, schedule and resend campaigns in a matter of minutes, with no prior experience needed.

Our standard pricing includes all of these features.

Enterprise Solutions

Our system is designed work for all sizes of business. Some businesses require more sophisticated video marketing, beyond single video mails. In such cases we use our low cost products as building blocks to deliver highly competitive pricing for the overall enterprise solution, with many value-added features. Such enterprise capabilities include in-website TV channels, white labelled solutions that allow for full management of content on reseller / wholesaler sites, and segmented last-minute offers.


The best way to learn about our marketing software is to give it a try. But, you can also read more about it here and below is a summary of the features:

  • Upload your own videos, and have them automatically converted and optimised for viewing over the Internet on PC, Mac, mobile phone, and tablet devices
  • Videos synchronise to a global network, ensuring they play everywhere, every time - and quickly
  • Create micro-sites and online brochures around your videos via a drag and drop user interface
  • Select from one of hundreds of built in templates, and customise as you want - or create your own
  • The ability to add text, logos, additional pages, and links to sites as required
  • A full creative agency to produce professional videos for you based on your existing content, at a fraction of the usual cost
  • An email marketing platform that lets you schedule campaigns, with links to videos, brochures, and micro-sites automatically embedded, and full tracking of campaign success
  • Facebook and Twitter optimised links, short-links, and embed code.
  • 'Contact Us' and 'Send to a friend' forms that let your customers spread the word, and let you communicate with them
  • Full analytics of how your projects are performing
  • QR Code generation for embedding in print campaigns

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